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For many years, yoga has been part of my life that actually has saved me so many times.  I started with ashtanga yoga as it was physical enough to wake me up and give something new to my body that was so tired of taking care of a newborn baby and an adorable toddler. Through those swetty morning hours I really got my body and energy back. 

If you still are considering about starting yoga classes, here are the 5 benefits I got almost immediately after starting my journey. 6th is just an extra benefit – go and check and start at home today!

1. Higher energy level throughout the day

It was the first thing I noticed after my yoga classes. I felt like I had got an injection of pure positive energy from the practise. Yoga wakes you up but doesn`t make the body strained – even after the most intense practise you feel just energized.

2. Calm mind

Whole yoga practise has been developed to be a preparation for meditation. Your whole body calms down and believe or not – the calmness stays.

3. Flexible body

It`s fantastic how much easier the life becomes when your body gets more flexible. You start to enjoy living in your own skin. Flexible body means flexible mind. 

4. Better breathing technique

In yoga class you will do everything in the rhythm of breath. Your breath wanders more down and the breathing cycle becomes longer. I think that you live as you breathe. As singer it means even more. 

I remember one singing rehearsal with an orchestra when I came straight from a yoga class to sing. I was amazed about the easiness of singing – I had never experienced that kind of feeling without hours of voice warming before. 

5. Healthier habits

When you connect with your body and wake up early to practise yoga, it will definitely lead you towards more healthy life in all ways. Calm mind and better feeling body start to want more nutrient food, crave for nature and appreciate peace. 

6. Good look through yoga!

Start your journey today with this fantastic teacher.


Tiia Maria