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Tiia Maria Saari


Tiia Maria Saari (b. 1989) is Finnish soprano, church musician, voice teacher and poet based in Helsinki.

She studied in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and graduated 2016 church music as the major. She has studied singing with Anu Hälvä, Ronnie Karlsson, Margareta Haverinen, Petri Lindroos and Hannu Niemelä. 

Tiia Maria has worked with various top professionals on the field; including pianists Juho Alakärppä, Mindaugas Neverovas, Miikka Lehtoaho and Tero Valtonen; organists Petri Koivusalo and Pauliina Hyry, harpist Katri Tikka, barytone Kullervo Latvanen, countertenor Teppo Lampela, mezzo soprano Isabella Shaw and ensebles like Espoon Barokki, Ensemble Nylandia, Enseble Sense and Palo Ensemble – just to mention some. She has performed as soloist for many choirs and premiered a lot of contemporary music. Gloria Chamber Choir conducted by Seppo Murto is an important part of Tiia Maria`s musical journey. New kind of more improvisational and a bit jazzy cowork has taken place with multi-instrumentalist Hannu-Pekka Heikkilä. Next performances scheduled here.

2018, she released her first album Iäisen lemmen ääni together with Kullervo Latvanen and Miikka Lehtoaho. The album consists of duets and solo songs by Oskar Merikanto and was the first total recording of the composer`s duets.

Tiia Maria`s colorful poetry has been composed into solo and choir songs by Anna-Liisa Haunio, Anna Nora and Heli Vapaakallio. The first poetry anthology will be published in 2022. 

Tiia Maria works as voice teacher in her own studio in Ullanlinna, Helsinki and Cantores Minores Finland. She also has founded a choir called Ensemble Aamutähti which consists mostly of her advanced singing students.  



p. 050 368 4824


Pietarinkatu 9, 00140 Helsinki